Military Moms Love Bargains at JBF

By Michelle Wiginton

Military Moms Love Bargains at JBF by Michelle Wiginton Shining Service WorldwideI am an Army Brat, sister to a Jar Head and a Squid, and I know that Weekend Warriors are anything but… I also served in a NROTC Unit and was proud to be promoted to Unit Corpsman, Platoon Leader, CO’s Honor Rolla and Top Female Midshipman during my first year with 300+ Navy and Marine brothers and sisters.

You might say I was raised by the military. We didn’t leave, we moved out. Before I could read, I could bark out my SSN. I knew how to march before the other kids learned in band, I knew gun safety and didn’t freak out if I saw a grenade or rocket launcher, not to mention I knew my place in the grand chain-of-command of life.

My name is Michelle Heck-Wiginton and I am the second oldest of six kids. My mom was a frugal person, who had to manage a household of eight on a single salary. I don’t know how she did it, but she has said many, many times that she wished she would have had something like Just Between Friends to help out when we were young.

What’s Just Between Friends (JBF), you ask?  It’s the nation’s largest children’s consignment sales event franchise and that is just a long explanation of how moms can make and save significantly on the things their growing families need each season. I coordinate several JBF events in Missouri, one on-base at Fort Leonard Wood, where hundreds to thousands of local moms gather their outgrown and unused items and tag them at home using our easy, online tagging system. Right before each sale, usually in the spring and fall, these moms drop-off their tagged items at a large venue in town and volunteers inspect and then help stock the sales floor.

There is a pre-sale for volunteers and consignors, which allows them to shop before the sale is open to the public. Then, anyone can come and shop…and shop they do! Moms who sell their items make up to 65% on their sold items, 70% if they volunteer at the event. Shoppers are able to shop quality name brand items at 50%-90% off retail. Each sale also works with a local children’s charity to donate desirable items to area families in need. I donate to Operation Homefront Missouri through three of my sales.

Military moms who need to pack light, buy new at their next duty station, or find themselves on a tight budget with a growing family will love Just Between Friends. JBF is a different kind of green community event and moms find the green they make and save to be well worth their time. Too, JBF events are a great place to meet other local military moms and create lasting friendships that can be lifesaver to any woman. To find the JBF sales event closest to you, please go to

Michelle Wiginton has a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications and a Master’s degree in International Human Relations. She owns three Just Between Friends franchises in Missouri, is a wife to a retired OK State Trooper and mom to three grown boys.

Shining Service Worldwide supports all women that are part of our great military family.


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