Just Be Kind

By Sandra Beck, Military Mom Talk Radio 

Just Be Kind by Sandra Beck Shining Service WorldwideWhen I was writing the title to this blog post I was thinking to myself could it get anymore cheese ball than this? I’m starting to sound like my mother. But I realized today that she was right and most of those hokey dokey sayings have a lot of truth to them. 

Recently I have gone through separation, divorce, death, foreclosure, custody battles and a financial upheaval in my company. Most of these things were out of my control and I had to take a step back and think about how I wanted to show up in my life.  I ran away from home one weekend when my ex had the kids. 

I drove 6 hours to the Grand Canyon and I sat on the edge looking at the vibrant layers of earth carved out over millions of years.  Relax I wasn’t going to jump, but I sat there thinking how tiny and insignificant I am, but my problems could fill up the great ravine.  A tour bus pulled up and dumped out a bunch of women.  Being me I sat there and eavesdropped on their conversation.  Polite no. Interesting yes. 

The women who should have been rejoicing in the magnificent beauty were bitching about their ex’s. They were bitter, nasty, funny, sad and missing the whole point of the Grand Canyon. I also noticed a lot of them were quite rude to the male bus driver.  He was taking one not just for the team but the entire male species from what I could see. 

I thought about myself and how I felt. Sure I was bitter, nasty, funny, sad and missing the whole point of life some days, but I had a choice on how I was going to treat people around me. At that point my life was in the “shitter” as my dad would say, but I realized that when I just treated people with kindness despite my inner turmoil and fear life was easier.  So my advice today despite all you are going through is just be kind – to yourselves and others around you.  Unless it’s your ex and then feel free to fire at will…kidding! Am I???? 

Sandra Beck is the host of Military Mom Talk Radio and the single mother of two boys ages 5 and 8.  She is an author, internet brand strategist and speaker. She has worked with the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army for over 20 years and is passionate about helping women lead their families successfully the specific challenges of military life. Sandra Beck is a regular contributor for Shining Service Worldwide.


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