Set Down your Burdens

By Lisa Cypers Kamen  

Set Down Your Burdens by Lisa Cypers Kamen ShiningService WorldwideOne of the things I have noticed in my practice, especially with those returning home from deployment is the desire to jump back into the mix of home life while still carrying the effects of deployment. These effects can range from memories, to feelings, to thoughts and to fears.  It’s a huge adjustment moving from one completely different reality to another.  Something that many service members and their families realize, but don’t recognize the profound effects it can have on all parties. 

So for today as you are reading this, I want to invite you for a moment or two to set down your burdens.  Release yourself from the thoughts of your past deployment.  Release yourself from the thoughts of your current family situation.  Just give every worry, every care, every feeling over to the universe for a while.  Inhale deeply a few times and just listen to the sound of your own breathing. It’s in these moments that we find peace and we begin to heal ourselves from the inside out.  

Taking a break from our problems can help distance us from the emotions that contribute to the all too familiar feelings over overwhelm. If you pause in your busy day, make a space for yourself to just be, hand over your worries for a while, you can begin making a plan for peace.

Harvesting Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen.  If you are looking for how to become a happier person, tune in weekly at Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST.

Shining Service Worldwide supports all women connected to the military family.


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