Life Leadership: Taking Yourself Too Seriously

By Sandra Beck, Military Mom Talk Radio 

Life Leadership:  Taking Yourself Too Seriously By Sandra Beck Shining Service WorldwideIn the course of my career and my time on the radio, I have met a lot of leaders.  I have met a lot of celebrities and people of interest. Some are terrific. Some not so much.  Who are the ones that are memorable? Who are the ones who touched my heart and win my respect? 

Those who achieve greatness but don’t forget to see the lighter side of themselves and their career.  What we do is not who we are.  I meet people every single day who wear their job on their chest pounding that this is what I do! This is who I am! 

I am going to ask you today who are you? Are you a soldier? Are you a mother? Are you a wife or a girlfriend? Just who are you?  I invite you to embrace all of these sides of yourself.   I invite you to see yourself as a many faceted diamond who brilliantly sparkles in the light.  I invite you to remember that you once used to be a dumpy lump of coal before you became the magnificent gem. 

I was on a date recently with a handsome Navy commander. I was so nervous and I felt all giddy in his presence.  When I went to get out of the car, my foot tangled in the straps of my purse and I literally fell out of the car onto the blacktop.  My hands and knees were covered in little stones and black soot.  I started to giggle thinking of my mom’s childhood story about the little Cinder girl.  This was not who I wanted to present to the Commander. 

I looked up at the hand he offered. I was not this successful dynamic single mom on the radio. He wasn’t in command of anything other than the search and rescue of my handbag and scraped knee. We were just two people going out for pizza laughing at the tumble I took in public. And you know what? That was okay…Cuz we all take tumbles in public and we just need to shake off the stones and keep going.

Sandra Beck is the host of Military Mom Talk Radio and the single mother of two boys ages 5 and 8.  She is an author, internet brand strategist and speaker. She has worked with the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army for over 20 years and is passionate about helping women lead their families successfully the specific challenges of military life.

Shining Service Worldwide supports all women connected to the Military Family.


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