Honoring Our Military

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks Statement on

Honoring Veterans on this Veterans Day

 (WASHINGTON, DC) – Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY), senior member of the House Financial Services Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee released the following statement commemorating Veterans Day:

“Today, I would like to take a moment to honor all of the men and women who have fought for our country in our Military, especially the 400,000 veterans in Metropolitan New York who have bravely served in every conflict since World War II. I also want to acknowledge the courageous veterans who are returning home from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe that not only should we celebrate their courageous service today, November 11th, but we should honor them each and every day.

“Military service is the highest expression of patriotism towards our great country, and I am thankful for the commitment and daily sacrifices that our servicemen and women have demonstrated to protect the security of our citizens and, most importantly, our democracy. I commend all of the military personnel, who have served and continue to serve, and all of the veterans who have fought, died or have been injured for their unyielding courage to volunteer in our military.

“I also commend President Obama’s plans to withdraw all U.S. troops by January 2012 from Iraq; this homecoming for many of our troops will be a great holiday gift to families who will finally be reunited with their selfless heroes. Their sacrifice in the Middle East is one we will not soon forget.

“As members of Congress, we have a duty to address the needs of our men and women in uniform.  That is why I remain committed, along with my colleagues, to fighting tirelessly to address VA services, employment, homelessness, quality healthcare, educational benefits, and related issues for veterans.

“There is no greater service than to be a member of the United States Military, and for that I say, “Thank You.


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