Shining Service Bracelet A Hit

by Linda FranklinShining Service Bracelet by Linda Franklin Shining Service Worldwide

Our Shining Service Bracelet was a hit today at the New York City Veteran’s Day Parade.  I was there bright and early to meet all of our vets who had congregated for the festivities.

This fabulous woman in the photo wearing the Shining Service Bracelet is Chandra Banks, the Research Coordinator of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

 It was an emotional day seeing World War 2 vets marching beside our young men and women who have volunteered to serve our country.

Yesterday, at our Veterans Day Makeover, one young woman who participated told me she joined the National Guard to make a difference.  She was an accountant but didn’t feel fulfilled in that job. She is now working in supplies and awaiting anxiously to be deployed to Afghanistan.   

Shining Service Worldwide is proud to serve all the women connected to our United States Military Family.


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