Remember Me!

by Linda Franklin

Remember Me by Linda Franklin Shining Service WorldwidePeople ask me all the time if I was in the military or had someone close to me that was.  The answer is no.  The next question is, so why are you taking such an interest in the women who serve?  My answer is because they need to be remembered. 

This morning Sandra Beck of Military Mom Talk Radio sent me a link to a YouTube video.  It was done by Lizzie Palmer – a 15 year old girl.  Here’s the link to watch it.

Before I watched the YouTube video this morning I was thinking about an event I attended this past Thursday evening.  It was called “In Our Own Voice”:  Women Veterans Tell Their Story.  The performance was produced by Mary Ragan of the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute.  It was riveting.  Mary had interviewed many women vets who told her their stories – the good – the bad – and the ugly. It was then put into a dramatic dialogue and performed on stage by four wonderful actresses.  They captured the heart and soul of the women and had everyone in the audience transfixed. 

The stories dealt with everything that women vets traditionally don’t want to talk about.  Everything from sexual trauma, gender discrimination, why they joined the military, to life after the military.  All the struggles were vivid and very little was glossed over. It was designed to honor the service of all women in the Armed Forces and it accomplished that splendidly.

The experience of the women who service our country needs to be honored and the public has to be aware of their sacrifices.

Today there are 30,000 moms in the military and 14.5% of all military are women.   We must remember them, honor them and most of all support them. 

Shining Service recognizes and supports all women who are connected to the United States Military Family.


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