Katy Perry Slammed For Marine Video ‘Part of Me’

 by Linda Franklin


Katy Perry says ” ‘Part of Me’ is one of the most aggressive videos I have ever made”.  The video for the song, which is about a painful break-up, is a celebration of female empowerment and an ‘affirmation of strength. When she wanted to get tough for her latest release, the young singer picked up an M-16 and trained with actual Marines at Camp Pendleton.

Naomi Wolf does not agree with Ms. Perry sentiments.  Ms.Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, says the images of the singer dressed as a soldier ‘glorify violence’ and has called for a boycott of her music.  She added, “the video is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines.”  

Hollywood publicist Angie Meyer said: ‘Naomi Wolf is a living, breathing contradiction. Her anti-military sentiments against the men and women fighting to defend the freedoms she exercises regularly, speech and protest, is absurd and disturbingly disgraceful.

Glenn Selig, from The Publicity Agency, said Miss Wolf’s attack had backfired.

‘In her efforts to boycott the video Naomi Wolf has brought more attention to it,’ he said.

‘Without her comments, most people would clearly have seen the military simply as a metaphor and not as an attempt by Katy Perry to glamorise the military or war. 

‘It’s hard to believe that Naomi Wolf’s view of the video will resonate with the public at large because most people will view her comments as completely absurd and a ridiculous attempt to make a big deal out of nothing.’

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family.  Our goal is successful re-integration to civilian life.


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