Breast Feeding Not OK For Military Moms?

Breast Feeding Not OK For Military Moms? Linda Franklin Shining Service Worldwideby Linda Franklin

Recently there has been a lot of controversy about this picture of two military moms  breastfeeding their kids. It’s a beautiful picture –  so what’s all the fuss about?

The photo is part of a local breastfeeding awareness campaign by Mom2Mom of Fairchild Air Force Base, a support group launched in January by Crystal Scott, a military spouse and mother of three. Among the intimate close-ups of smiling young mothers cuddling their adorable babies, the images of the two airmen stand out.

I guess it has to do with the fact that too many people think nudity is shameful and especially taboo for a woman in uniform. This attitude illustrates just how ashamed Americans are their naked bodies.  What appears to be a discussion about is breastfeeling “OK” or not, is really a discussion about how we perceive nakedness, motherhood, female sexuality, and breasts.

According to Military Spouse Central, public displays of affection — even something as innocuous as holding hands — are not allowed while wearing a military uniform. Also forbidden while in uniform: eating, drinking, or talking on a cell phone while walking, carrying an umbrella that’s not black, and (in some cases) smoking or even chewing gum.

The military uniform is something Americans respect.  It’s a symbol –  but breast feeding is a symbol too.  A symbol of a woman’s love and need to bond with her baby. Now people are comparing breastfeeding in uniform to urinating and defecating in uniform.  That sickens me.

This story tells a sad truth about America:  We are really messed up when it comes to our beautiful, naked bodies.

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family.  Our goal is successful re-integration to civilian life.



1 thought on “Breast Feeding Not OK For Military Moms?

  1. This issue is all about attention. Breast feeding has been researched and documented to be the best of all possible ways to feed a baby the absolute best of nutrition. This choice that women make is for their babies and themselves and ought to be supported. I have seen covers which women can use to mask this experience in public which respects all: the babies, the mothers and others who may not want to witness this experience. Enough.

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