July 4th Makeover Celebration

by Linda Franklin

Shining Service Jul7 4th Makeover I want to wish everyone an awesome Fourth of July and share some photos from our amazing July 4th Military Makeover at the gorgeous L’APPARTEMENT HAIR BOUDOIR.

Our makeovers are definitely an affair of the heart as we take beautiful women in Shining Service July 4th Makeoverservice and make them every more beautiful.  It’s a emotional experience for everyone involved.

Shining Service July 4th MakeoverThank you to everyone who gave so much to make our women feel so appreciated.  If you want to see more of this celebration here’s a link to a great clip from CBS who covered our event.


Military Women Transformed – A Wonderful Day

by Linda Franklin Shining Service Worldwide

Military Makeovers Rock Linda Franklin Shining Service WorldwideOne video is worth a million words.  What a fabulous and emotional day!  Everybody was touched by these fabulous women.

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family. Our goal is their successful re-integration back into civilian life. We do that with our transitional homes for veteran moms and their children, our makeover missions, The Shining Service Bracelets corporate and private donations.

Veteran Mom Refused Shelter

by Rebecca Miller Pringle

Dawn Barber a Desert Storm Veteran who served her Country, was bounced from church conference room to church conference room for months with her little boy, because she was not allowed to stay in a veteran’s shelter/home – CHILDREN NOT ALLOWED!

This happens all the time and is the reason Shining Service is stepping in. “The Shining Beacon House” will be for veteran moms and their children.

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family. Our goal is their successful re-integration back into civilian life. We do that with our transitional homes for veteran moms and their children, our makeover missions, The Shining Service Bracelets corporate and private donations.

March Makeover In Stony Brook

by Linda Franklin

Shining Service March Makeover , LindaFranklin Here are some wonderful pictures from our latest makeover in Long Island.  The women were lovely and the artists who made our beautiful women even more beautiful were amazing.  Great big hearts all around.  Thanks so much Cactus Salon and Spa.   

I also want to thank TGI Fridays for hosting a wonderful lunch for our military gals.  This is the second lunch Fridays has hosted and looking forward to the third.  You support our miltary women and we love you for that!

Shining Service March Makeover - Linda FrankinOne of our makeovers Wendy, cut 10 inches off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.  She was given a gift that day and she wanted to pay it forward.  That’s how wonderful our women are.

Take a look at more pictures from our makeover mission – they will warm your heart.

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family. Our goal is their successful re-integration back into civilian life.art.  We do that with our transitional homes for veteran moms and their children, our makeover missions, The Shining Service Bracelets corporate and private donations. 

Military May Be Gaslighting Sexual Assault Victims

by Linda Franklin

Military May Be Gaslighting Sexual Assault Victims Shining Service WorldwideI read an article this morning on the Jezebel.com website  written by Doug Berry.  I felt I had to share it with you. I have written about this problem before but Doug has gathered lots of facts we all need to know about. 

The raging problem of sexual assault in the military cannot be ignored, and on this website, it will not be.  Shining Service is dedicated to supporting women in the military community and feel it’s our duty to do what we can so our women can be heard without ridicule and punishment.

Leave it to the U.S. military to find a way to make sexual assault even more awful than it already is. CNN reports that, according to testimony from a number of women across all branches of the armed forces, that women who allege sexual assault are often given a psychiatric diagnosis and discharge in the military’s ceaseless effort to protect us regular American citizens from its most pernicious attitudes about gender.

A familiar pattern emerges from the stories that CNN has gathered — a woman is sexually assaulted in a barracks or on a ship by a serviceman and, on reporting the incident to a superior officer, is told something along the lines of, “It never happened.” At least that’s what happened to Anna Moore, who enlisted in the army after 9/11, planning to have a career in the military. After a non-commissioned officer raped her in the bathroom of her barracks in 2002, Moore’s first sergeant tore up the paperwork she had filled out in order to properly report the attack. Other women, such as the Navy’s Jenny McClendon, tell of being immediately “diagnosed” with a psychiatric disorder as part of a concerted effort to cover up their sexual assault at the hands of a peer or commanding officer.

In 2011, despite the military’s “zero tolerance” policy, 3,191 cases of military sexual assault were reported, a staggering figure that nonetheless is quite possibly, given the frequency of military cover-up, a low estimate. The Pentagon estimates that the actual number of sexual assault cases was closer to 19,000, and though Defense Secretary Leon Panetta deems such a number “unacceptable,” Anu Bhaghwati, a former company commander in the Marines and executive director of Service Women’s Action Network says that the military has been using psychiatric diagnoses to conveniently jettison women who raise complaints of sexual assault. Says Bhaghwati,

It’s convenient to sweep this under the rug. It’s also extremely convenient to slap a false diagnosis on a young woman … and then just get rid of them so you don’t have to deal with that problem in your unit. And, unfortunately, a lot of sexual assault survivors are considered problems.

From 2001 to 2011, the military discharged some 31,000 servicemen and women on the basis of personality disorders, though predictably the Defense Department insisted that it doesn’t keep records on how many of those discharges involved cases of sexual assault.

For women with no previous history of personal problems stemming from underlying psychiatric conditions to suddenly manifest personality disorders seems peculiar. None of the women profiled by CNN had a history of employment instability or unstable relationships (they’d made it into the military in the first place, after all), yet they were all diagnosed with a personality disorder, which the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders currently defines as “a long-standing, inflexible pattern of maladaptive behavior and coping, beginning in adolescence or early adulthood.” Neither Moore, McClendon, nor former Marine Stephanie Schroeder seem likely candidates for personality disorders, a fact that Bhaghwati hasn’t failed to notice.

These women have clearly been able to function. They’ve made it through basic training. They’ve made it through all the follow-on training. Many of them are deployed overseas in war, and they’ve done fine there. But, when they’re sexually assaulted, and then report it, it seems very suspicious that the military would suddenly stamp them with a pre-existing condition that bars them from serving anymore.

Moreover, according to Dr. Liza H. Gold of Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, psychiatrists generally try to avoid diagnosing someone with a personality disorder as they’re undergoing a traumatic experience, such as sexual assault. Only when symptoms persist after the initial trauma do psychiatrists normally venture into personality disorder territory. By definition, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is another condition that falls outside the realm of personality disorders.

Military women, according to CNN’s figures, seem to suffer personality disorders at disproportionate rate. For instance, though women account for only 16% of all soldiers in the regular army, they constitute nearly 24% of all personality disorders. The records that CNN examined do not contain any correlating data about how many women reported sexual assault, a fact that might be more significant because of its absence, since the general sentiment among critics of the military’s handling of sexual assault accusations seems to be that the military is using personality diagnoses to cloud the sexual assault data.

Life Leadership: Women’s Emotional Cycles

By Sandra Beck 

Life Leadership:  Our Emotional Cycles  Sandra Beck Shining Service WorldwideI am sure I am going to take a lot of flak for saying this but in my experience as a woman, and having women friends, working with women clients and being raised by a passionate loving mother and sister here is what I learned. I checked it out with my psychologist friend and she agreed so I can’t be that far off the mark. 

I think we as women cycle through a set of high emotions in about 45 minutes and through a full emotional cycle in about 3 hours. I noticed this one day when I was really upset about the Commander I have been seeing and my friend reminded me of the 45 minute high emotion cycle. I went for a walk and true to form in about 45 minutes I started seeing things differently.  In three hours from my initial freak out I saw the situation very differently. By the time I did communicate with him I was able to do so in a manner that treated us both with respect and allowed our friendship to flourish not be damaged. 

I’m not a shrink or a doctor but I have spent so much time with women where I see this happening and find it to be true to myself. I hope the next time you are in high emotion think about the 45 minutes and the 3 hour rule. It made a difference for the better in my life. I hope it does in yours. 

Sandra Beck is the host of Military Mom Talk Radio and the single mother of two boys ages 5 and 8. She is an author, internet brand strategist. She has worked with the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army for over 20 years and is passionate about helping women lead their families successfully the specific challenges of military life.

Shining Service Worldwide is a charitable organization that supports all women who are part of the military family.  Our goal is successful re-integration back into civilian life.

Biting the Big One

Ain’t it the truth!!!

Biting The Big One - Shining Service Worldwide