Dr. Oz Salutes Women Veterans

by Linda Franklin

Dr. Oz Military Women's Show Shining Service Worldwide

Dr. Oz went on a mission to uncover our military servicewomen’s greatest health issues and raises the question of whether our infrastructure is doing everything to recognize and address their problems. 

The show put a face on the problem of female military sexual trauma as one veteran shares her story of survival and her coping mechanisms. The question of whether female soldiers respond the same ways to war as men is answered with surprising results. The show also discusses women’s battle with post traumatic stress disorder and whether female soldiers respond to duress differently than men. In addition the show lends insight to our servicewomen’s difficulty of re-integration into family life. For some female soldiers, returning to their roles of wives and mothers from deployment differs from the experience of male soldiers drastically.

Then, Dr. Oz uncovers an alarming problem facing female veterans today: homelessness. Dr. Oz visits the Beacon House, a shelter for homeless female veterans in Long Island, New York and spends a day in the life of four homeless veterans who are fighting their way back to a normal life. With nearly 13,000 estimated homeless female veterans, Dr. Oz and his guests discuss why so many have fallen through the cracks after protecting our nation and address what can be done to help them.

“As women have moved into roles traditionally occupied by men in our military such as combat, we are now beginning to understand how post traumatic stress ravages those who so bravely gave their time and their health to keep us safe. This problem is new, and the Department of Defense should be commended for taking that first important step in dealing with its vast scope: talking about it. These women are heroes in the truest sense and will inspire you and touch your heart,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz.

To see the video he show click here.

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